Bolting Ahead Incorporated is a registered Charity.

Bolting Ahead is a non-profit organization with a vision of creating a truly inclusive society, that defies the odds and breaks down barriers for young people (aged 15-25) from a disadvantaged background.. One of the ways we support the young people we work with is by creating microenterprises, such as Holt Bolt Events.
These microenterprises create a safe environment for young people to develop their skills, passions and interests while earning an income. When you book a Drover’s Dash or Foam Party event through Holt Bolt Events, you are also supporting young people to gain employment and improve their circumstances.


Holt Bolt events started as Holt Bolt Kids in 2013. Our team has extensive experience in running fun, safe and inclusive events for all ages! We pride ourselves on creating incredible experiences that leave lasting memories with everyone who attends. Drover’s Dash, our flagship event, was created from the ideas and feedback we have received from people who have attended our events over the last decade.

It combines awesome effects with games and music while providing the opportunity for friends
to dash together.
Our experience has allowed us to create unique, safe, low risk events that ensure everyone enjoys themselves. We can’t wait to meet you soon!